NIHE To Be Restructured

MFS note today the Minister’s announcement regarding the future of NIHE and the proposed transfer of its 90,000 units to alternative delivery bodies, most likely the housing association sector. Along with the NI Federation of Housing Associations we recognise the valuable work undertaken by the NIHE over 40 difficult years in NI.

As a leading provider of maintenance services to social housing, we welcome the proactive approach of the housing association sector and look forward to developments in the market which continues to strive for best value and quality of housing provision across NI.

The proposals for the reform of social housing fall broadly into three strands:

1.The DSD would be responsible for overall strategy, regulation and inspection.

2.A regional housing body would deliver regional housing services and programmes.

3.The landlord function would be removed from the public sector to allow for access to private funding, which will provide new opportunities for innovation in the delivery of social housing.