FLYNN places people development at the centre of our on-going business success and are committed to the development of employees. We promote a culture where people are valued, and their talents nurtured to help them reach their full potential in a career not just a job. This is evidenced by numerous awards for Training from the CEF and from the Irish News for Career Inspiration.

As a family run business, Flynn have strong people values and family ethos. The culture starts from the top and building an ethical company filled with empowered and enthusiastic employees is very important to Flynn. One of the core values is to focus on social responsibility by creating an individual and collective culture of giving back to the community.

These values extend to providing a working environment and management practices which promote employee wellbeing and good health, recognising the important and constructive role employees play in improving health, safety and wellbeing. We call this the ‘FLYNN Boost’ which has been recognised by numerous industry and business awards.

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FLYNN have had a strong environmental performance for many years, in particular during tough recession periods where, despite tough economic restraints, environmental performance continued to improve.

In addition to strong performance recognised by our ISO 14001 environmental management system, FLYNN have also been a passionate member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, improving our environmental & sustainable performance by benchmarking against the industries best practice.

Health & Safety

FLYNN have proven that a family business with relatively limited investment, but significant innovative thinking, can achieve the highest of standards in H&S while improving results, reducing costs and enhancing wellbeing.

Despite already good performance in H&S, Flynn conducted a review and developed a 3-year Strategic plan to become Best in Class. We achieved this target one year ahead of schedule, resulting in the two consecutive CEF Award for H&S Excellence.

We are also proud to have received both the British and NI Chambers of Commerce Awards for Health & Wellbeing and a Distinction from the National Irish Safety Organisation / Northern Ireland Safety Group.

This approach has led to marked improvements in our safety performance and that of our subcontractors which continue improve and advance our culture of safe working.

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FLYNN have developed the overarching ‘FLYNN Boost’ strategy which extends to the entire FLYNN workforce, employed and subcontracted as well as the communities they service, and provides guidance for the organisation in terms of creating the conditions to develop and promote the health and wellbeing.

BOOST, in association with a suite of Health & Safety procedures and the FLYNN App, provides a safe and supportive working environment for all employees, in which everyone is empowered to actively engage in maintaining their own Safety & wellbeing.

BOOST has been recognised by both the NI Chamber and British Chambers of Commerce with the National Award for Health & Wellbeing and Twice by CEF Construction Excellence Awards for Health &Safety.